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Some kind comments from attendees at a recent Missouri Community Betterment conference Avoiding & Addressing Burnout presentation:

"It (the presentation) was all great!"

"There was a lot of useful information"

"Reminder to clarify the goals & plan (were the most impactful)"

"Great to renew my look at my job"

"Good topic and good suggestions"

"Hearing about group involvement and individual expectations (were most impactful)"

Great course and thank you for your inspiration

— Denise C. 501(c)(3) class

Brenda explained content very well and supported with clear examples

— Risa B. 501(c)(3) class

So much valuable information!

— Rue J. 501(c)(3) class

I met Brenda Conway at one of her well-attended community events, and after witnessing her tireless drive, hearing about her years of experience and admiring her skill set, I convinced her to mentor me. She graciously agreed and less than a year later, we pulled off a first-ever, grass-roots, beautiful, profitable art show (most first-year art shows are lucky to break even, financially) that left its investors eager for an encore event. Without Brenda, I would not have had the courage to forge ahead, but not because she was a good cheer leader (although she was); Brenda helped me write a solid business proposal, develop a fail-safe action plan and plot a realistic timeline, so I felt comfortable about how to move forward as my dream began to materialize. Her experience is immeasurable, she has a wealth of knowledge about all types of resources, and she is able to see things three steps ahead. That is probably one of her best assets: Brenda simultaneously focuses on the details of the thing at hand while seeing the bigger picture and then, the even bigger picture.

More than anything else, Brenda took stock of my strengths and showed me how to capitalize on them as I navigated funding issues, learned how to be a good liaison between advertisers, artists and my investors, learned to delegate and not turn into a micro-manager, and to tackle "what-if" situations before they happened. It takes someone with ability and insight to tap into and nuture a person's strengths, while also teaching them how to do things they've never done. I distinctly remember Brenda coaching me through some tough questions that I needed to put to my investors, and while it was unchartered territory for me, I was eventually able to frame the conversation so that everyone was satisfied with the result. Brenda didn't give me the tools; she showed me what tools I had and taught me to use them... and I will always be able to fall back on that, no matter what I do in the future.

All told, Brenda's advice, counseling and expertise helped me undertake a pretty risky venture, as I look back on it! Today, however, I am completely confident as I expand my art show's size, scope and profit margin, adding new elements to the event and reaching new levels of success. There's no where to go but up! Thank you, Brenda, for everything.

— Denise T, Springfield, MO

I am a metal artist with a focused goal to see my work in public spaces. Finding entry into the public art world has had its challenges. My work is more pedestrian scale than large scale. I am a new and relatively unknown name in the public art world. I still have what I consider to be a lot to learn on my journey with regard to being a public place artist. All of that seems daunting enough but, for me at least, one of the biggest challenges was navigating the written part of the process. I am the first to admit that, like many I am sure, I am not a wordsmith.

I did try "going it alone" with little success. With Brenda's help, the second go round of submissions has yielded success beyond my expectations. Many factors could have had an affect (for instance, I had some professional pictures taken of my work) but I do believe having the right words to go with and speak to my work made a difference in this step of achieving my dream. (And, yes, Brenda helped me write this).

— Steve R., Peculiar, MO
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